Cass Browne : the fan interview
Unlike Mr.Albarn and Mr.Hewlett, Cass Browne may need an introduction. Cass is the main writer of the Gorillaz dialogue and story. When Murdoc, 2D, Noodle or Russel open their mouths to offer an opinion on the latest #1 single, or the state of pop music, it's Cass who writes the script. Read his first ever press interview about Gorillaz below. "I don't normally do this kind of thing", he offers, "I prefer to let the characters do the talking because that's what it's all about". Yet G-U managed to get some fascinating insights from a man who's played a key part bringing to life the characters we know and love.

G-U: So how did you get to know Jamie and Damon in the first place?

CB: I've known Jamie since I was about 15 or 16. The first band I was in, the Senseless Things, he did the sleeves for. And as a band we used to occasionally play with the early incarnations of Blur. We toured America together in '92. So yeah on and off I've known Jamie and Damon for years and years.

G-U: How did you get into writing the dialogue for Gorillaz?

CB: I stayed mates with Jamie after the Senseless Things split up, and was just hanging around with him when it all got started with Gorillaz. In the beginning it was Jamie and his friend Mat Wakeham in this little studio, and I used to pop by and say hello. Then Damon asked me to play drums with them live when he was putting the band together. At the start, it was a really small team. As far as writing the Gorillaz interviews went, Mat did some interviews and Matt and Jamie did some together. I remember there was one time where there was me, Jamie, Mat and Damon, all sitting around having to answer these questions. But that kind of stuff comes quite easily to me. So I just got into doing more and more of it.

G-U: And eventually you became the #1 guy for doing the dialogue?

CB: Well we got asked to do the first Gorilla Bites, and I wrote the script with Mat, and then Mat was doing Charts of Darkness, and asked if I wanted to write with him with that, and then after that, that got into me and Jamie drafting things for the film. Then when that went into the Demon Days thing, Mat had left by that stage, so I basically picked that up and did it myself. And now it's such a tightly woven intricate thing that I don't think anyone else could pick it up.

G-U: Who's your favourite character to write for?

CB: Murdoc. He's just such a rotter. The reason why so much stuff is in Murdoc's voice is that he's the most fun to write, you can get away with anything with him. I don't know if this is oversimplistic, but the stupid zen stuff comes from 2D, the 'I will say the first thing I see' comes from him. Noodle is more smart, she's very spiritual and enlightened. Russel, like myself, loves music very much and knows it back to back. So if it's a music question, it always goes to him. If a real pop star came out wit the shit he spouts, there'd be a riot! He gets away with murder. All the sarcastic comments come from him. That's how I split it up in my head.

G-U: What are your thoughts about the Gorillaz MTV Cribs?

CB: It sounds really rotten to say this, because they funded it, and it was like their most expensive show ever, but MTV funded that in order for us to do a show slagging off MTV Cribs, going on about what a useless show it was.

G-U: Cass, thanks for your time.



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