Role in the Gorillaz Project
The Spacemonkeyz were the group behind the dub remix album of the Gorillaz debut album, called Laika Come Home. They co-ordinated all the extra musicians that worked on the dub re-workings and they did the bulk of the production and mixing work.

The Spacemonkeyz are Darren Galea, Richie Stevens and Gavin Dodds (for more information on Darren Galea and his other work with Gorillaz, see his biography entry here). Darren Galea was asked by Damon Albarn to do a dub remix of Gorillaz track Tomorrow Comes Today for a B-Side. The track was entitled 'Tomorrow Dub' and it appeared on the Tomorrow Comes Today single. Damon liked the result so much he asked Darren to go about remixing the whole debut album. Laika Come Home stems from Darren's B-side dub version of Gorillaz single Tomorrow Comes Today. Darren enlisted the help of drummer and lifelong friend Richie Stevens and got started. Then Gavin Dodds, one-time Jamiroquai session guitarist was later brought in as a 'melodic consultant'. At some point in the recording process they called themselves 'Spacemonkeyz'. As well as remixing the debut album, Spacemonkeyz also wrote and recorded a completely original Spacemonkeyz song, 'Spacemonkeyz Theme', which appeared on the B-side to the spin-off single from Laika Come Home, 'Lil' Dub Chefin'. There was talk of them working on further projects but at the time of writing nothing more has been heard from them.

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