Tina Weymouth

Role in the Gorillaz Project
Tina Weymouth contributes backing vocals to 19/2000.

Tina Weymouth was a founder member of the group Talking Heads in 1975. The group would go on to worldwide success and a string of hit albums. During her time with Talking Heads, she and partner Chris Frantz (also a member of Talking Heads)decided to form a fun studioproject named the Tom Tom Club, the group also included contributions from members of the Talking Heads' touring band at the time. The Tom Tom Club's resulting selftitled debut was issued during late 1981, and the less successful Close to the Bone (1983), and Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom (1988) followed. Talking Heads split in 1991. The same year, the Tom Tom Club released their fourth release overall, Dark Sneak Love Action. Little was heard from Weymouth musically during the early to mid '90s, as she concentrated primarily on producing other artists along with Frantz. Three members of Talking Heads (without lead singer David Byrne) reformed as The Heads in 1996 releasing 'No Talking Just Head', which was by all accounts not very successful. Tom Tom Club issued The Good, The Bad and the Funky in 2000. Weymouth has collaborated with other artists apart from the Gorillaz such as Ian Dury, Nona Hendryx, the Rosenbergs and the Soup Dragons.

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