19/2000 Dub

This track is a reworking of 19/2000. It has often been referred to by fans as '19/2000 demo', but its overwhelming similarity to 'Jungle Fresh' from Laika Come Home, leaves no doubt that it is just a slightly sparser remix of this track.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Spacemonkeyz Versus Gorillaz, additional vocals by Miho Hatori and Tina Weymouth
Produced by Dan The Automator and Gorillaz
Co-produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Engineered by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by Tom Girling
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Additional programming and instruments performed by the Space Monkeyz, plus:-
Horns: Michael Smith, Martin Shaw
Horn arrangement by Michael Smith
Bass: Dan Left Hand
Percussion: Jeff Scantlebury
Castanets: Jaques Shythe
Additional production and remixing by the Space Monkeyz, Assisted by Pete Collis

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'19/2000 Dub' [3:42] - only available on the old version of the Gorillaz official site as streaming audio. Click here for more details.


19/2000, the song of which this is a reworking, was played live, but this version has never been played live.


The world is spinning too fast
I'm buying lead Nike shoes
To keep myself tethered
To the days I tried to lose

My mama said to slow down
You must make your shoes
Stop dancing to the music
Of Gorillaz in a happy mood

Keep a mild groove on

Here you go!
Get the cool
Get the cool shoe shine
Get the cool
Get the cool shoe shine

There's a monkey in the jungle
Watching a vapour trail
Caught up in the conflict
Between his brain and his tail

And if time to elimination
Then we got nothing to lose
Please repeat the message
It's the music that we choose

Keep a mild groove on

Get the cool
Get the cool shoe shine
Get the cool
Get the cool shoe shine

Here you go!

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