68 State

Gorillaz had gotten a time machine and went to visit a cinema in 1980: some sound effects remind you of old films you've seen. Anyone could expect Gorillaz to do something with that cruddy 80's film music, just as Gorillaz using electronic beeping sounds of video games in 'All Alone' and 'Mr Softy's Balloon Race'. When you first listen to the song, you'll probably be disappointed that the vocals are missing. 'The song, it ain't special!'. It isn't supposed to be special, just a nice instrumentel b-side/bonus track that kind of reminds you of the Gorillaz fictive storyline.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Gorillaz, Jason Cox and James Dring
Co-produced by Jason Cox
Engineered by Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by James Dring
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan

Versions & availibility(Click links for exact discographical details)

'68 State' [4:46] - available on the Japanese version of the album Demon Days, on the 7" picture disc vinyl of Feel Good Inc single and the exclusive iTunes EP of Feel Good Inc.


Probably not going to be performed live at the upcoming gigs.


[This song is an instrumental]

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