All Alone (Live)

Forget what I said about there not being any throwaway efforts. I find it pretty goofy how these Demon Detour tracks are being slowly leaked out on the singles discs. After all, the whole effort is going to feel silly and lopsided once El Manana comes out and we still only have a handful of the Detour tracks at CD quality, the rest in the scratchy, inferior streaming quality from the radio shows. Whatís the point, then? Of course, I love All Alone like Iíd love a brother. This beautiful, wonderfully designed, wonderfully delivered, wonderfully produced experience of a song has been robbed of its rightful place as the fourth and final single off of Demon Days. Including this alternate version on single format is no kind of consolation, but itís a treat nevertheless. I heard some fan rumbling that seemed to dislike the Detour version of All Alone, but I personally have no complaints. For such a complicated and many-faceted track, it feels like they pretty much got it dead on. Rootsí rhyme is a bit more sluggish in one continuous take, but he makes it through without any major complaints. Martina has a more earthy, gravely voice in this cut, but I find it to be pretty soulful and expressive. All Alone was, for me, the highlight of the Demon Detour. Iím happy to see it get inclusion on this single. Still, it feels like the whole Detour shouldíve gotten some kind of CD pressing. - Wazawaii

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz / R.Smith / S.Tong
Featuring Roots Manuva
Additonal vocals by Martina Topley-Bird
Keyboards by Mike Smith
Guitar by Simon Tong
Drums by Cass Browne
Bass by Morgan Nicholls
Turntables by Darren Mobbs & Emma Smith
Engineered by John Smith
Additional engineering by Jason Cox & James Dring
Programming by Cox / Dring
Recorded at Sarm Studios, London, on 22nd May 2005

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All Alone (Live) [3:31] - available on the UK standard CD format, and the Japan CD EP, of the Demon Days single


Studio version performed live at the Manchester Opera House as part of 'Demon Days Live' 1-5 November 2005.


All alone (all alone) (x12)

The beat's got soul

Snatch a piece of my wondering
This did fall like under in
Skid em with two lights
Skid em with boot light
Flamers too light
Where's the waitress
Can't take this really can't finish this
These airs and all these graces
It's my mistake I'll make it
J'd up to the boom now make it
Bounce wiggle bounce wiggle shaking all them things out
Chemical cutthroats 'bout to blow the brain out
Cut to the brain
This ain't no game
I'll show no shame
I'll birth this bane
I'll twist the game
I'll twist the game
I'll push this plane
It's plain as day
Known to what these sayers say
Known to what these doers do
It's you and who and you know where
We's about to take it there
We's about to make it clear
We're happy on we lonesome
The lone drum the beat hot
From start to finish
Ten spoons of spinach
The soul and the spillage
The cup that runneth over
We turn up the 'oh God'

All alone (all alone) (x6)

Close your eyes and see
When there ain't no light
All you'll ever be
Come on save the night
Coz I don't leave
When the morning comes it doesn't
Seem to say an awful lot to me...

All alone (all alone) (x6)

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