Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Original Demo Version)

B-side on the the El Mañana/Kids With Guns CD single. No choir. No seamless lead-in to Demon Days. No perfect pairing of two songs to offer an uplifting finale to a musical masterpiece. Simply Damon, strolling down the road, skipping stones across a pond, and singing about the doom of the world to a simple reggae beat. If youíve always wanted to know what Damon would sound like if he imitated Bob Dylan, look no further. Though it's impossible to imagine this being actually a demo. It's fully shaped and seems to be just as mastered as any album track.The animated video was created by Search For a Star winner Sowerby. ItísÖ.unique. Clearly, I am not nearly smart or deep enough to fully appreciate it.

Official song credits

Produced by Gorillaz / Cox / Dring
Engineered by Jason Cox
Programming by James Dring
Recorded at Kong Studios & 13
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Townhouse Studios London

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"Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Original Demo Version)" [2:29] - available on El Mañana/Kids With Guns


May be performed live at the upcoming gigs.


Got off a plane to the countryside,
I drove to the mountain and holding the ground
There was crack on the corner and someone dead,
and fire coming out of the monkey's head

Don't get lost in heaven
They got locks on the gate
Don't go over the edge
you'll make a big mistake

Put me in a cab to suburbia
I just took a line but I wasn't with you
There was more of it there, when I got back home
But you had left me,you don't know my soul...
You're a whole bad mistake,yeah,you're a whole one...


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