Dub 9

A reworking of the track Starshine that appeared on the dub remix album Laika Come Home. The title is read 'Dub Space Nine'. This is an obvious joke on the name of the famous science fiction series set in space, 'Deep Space Nine', but, as with all the Spacemonkeyz renamings, it preserves reference to the original title - Starshine, which brings to mind outer space, stars, etc.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Engineered by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by Tom Girling
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Additional programming and instruments performed by the Space Monkeyz, plus:-
Guitar: 2D
Percussion: Jeff Scantlebury
Additional production and remixing by the SpaceMonkeyz, assisted by Pete Collis

Versions & availibility(Click links for exact discographical details)

Dub 9 [5:17] - available on all versions of Laika Come Home


Starshine was played live but this rework of it was never played live.



Starshine never gonna find me
Starshine, they ain't gonna find me
Starshine never gonna find me
Starshine, never gonna find me


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