El Mañana (Metronomy Remix)

Ask almost any Gorillaz fan for their Top 5 Least Favorite Remixes and you can bet that this remix by Metronomy will be on the list. Personally, I thought my teeth would blister the first time I heard it. But it’s not really that bad. There is just plenty of room for improvement. This song tries so hard, and it almost succeeds, but not quite. It adds the spookiness you’d expect in a Gorillaz song and mostly keeps the sorrowful tone present in the original. But the majority of the sorrow comes when you listen to it and mourn how good it could have been.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Gorillaz, Dangermouse, Jason Cox and James Dring
Co-produced by Jason Cox
Engineered by Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by James Dring
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Additional guitar: Simon Tong
Violins: Sally Jackson and Antonia Pagulatos
Violas: Amanda Drummond and Stella Page
Cello: Isabelle Dunn
Double bass: Al Mobbs and Emma Smith
Remix by Metronomy

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"El Mañana (Metronomy Remix)" [5:43] - available on its 12" remix promo of El Mañana


Not going to be performed live at the upcoming gigs.



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