Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

Essential funk. Mr. Ike Turner doing what he is good at. And 2-D doing, what he loves. It's been known for a while, that 2-D really loves funk/soul music. The keyboards are just crazy on this track, with the best guitar of the album. And, then there are the lyrics. "I love you. But what are we going to do"? This is just a great example of how good of a song-writer Damon Albarn really is. After hearing this, all the soul-music gods will be banging their heads against the walls, thinking "How come I never wrote this?".

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz and Ike Turner
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Gorillaz, Dangermouse, Jason Cox and James Dring
Co-produced by Jason Cox
Engineered by Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by James Dring
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Piano solo: Ike Turner
Violins: Sally Jackson and Prabjote Osahn
Violas: Amanda Drummond and Stella Page
Cello: Isabelle Dunn
Double bass: Al Mobbs Emma Smith

Versions & availibility(Click links for exact discographical details)

'Every Planet We Reach Is Dead' [4:53] - available on all versions of the album Demon Days
'Every Planet We Reach Is Dead' (Instrumental) [4:58] -
available on an instrumental version of the album Demon Days
'Every Planet We Reach Is Dead (Live At The Manchester Opera House' [5:32] - available on the DVD Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House


To be performed live at the upcoming gigs.


I lost my leg,
Like I lost my way.
So no loose ends
And nothing to see me down.
How are we going to work this out?

Dreams all bad,
A head turned mad.
I love the girl,
But God only knows it's
Getting hard to see the sun coming through
I love you
But what are we going to do?

Picture I'm a dreamer
I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow.
Time is a low, don't you know?
What are we going to do?

When we go down
All this sickness out in space
All it doesn't fall in
I want to see you again
I love you
But what are we going to do?



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