Hong Kong

A beautiful andd haunting song, most reminiscent of Damon Albarn's more melancholy Blur tracks, such as 'Out Of Time' and 'This Is A Low'. The vocal is close and clear and the whole thing sounds something totally unlike any other Gorillaz track. If the 'Demon Days' tracks were hard to swallow as featuring 2D vocals (as opposed to Damon Albarn vocals) then Hong Kong was surely a step even further in that direction, and one which had fans saying 'It's not a Gorillaz song... really'. The musical side of the track has many traditional oriental instruments to the fore. Appropriately, the track was actually recorded in Hong Kong while Damon and Jamie were on promotional duties there on 8th September 2005, (all the contributing artists to the Warchild album 'Help: A Day In The Life' were asked to record a track on that day). A truly beautiful and haunting song, reminiscent perhaps of late John Lennon. The lyrics are an intriguing patchwork of snapshots from a sad world gone wrong.

Official song credits

Written and performed by Gorillaz
Other credits unknown at this time.

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"Hong Kong" [7:14] - available only on the compilation album Help: A Day In The Life
"Hong Kong (Live At Manchester Opera House)" [6:30] - available on the Grammy Edition of Demon Days and on the DVD Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House and an exclusive US iTunes EP of El Mañana


Probably not going to get performed live.


Lord hear me now
Junk boats and English boys
Crashing out in super marts
Electric fences and guns

You swallow me
I'm just a pill on your tongue
Up here on the nineteenth floor
The neon lights make me come

And late in a star's life
It begins to explode
And all the people in a dream
Wait for the machine
Pick the shit up leave it clean

Kid, hang over here
What you learning in school?
Is the rise of an Eastern sun
Gonna be good for everyone?

The radio station disappears
Music turning to thin air
The DJ was the last to leave
She had well conditioned hair,
was beautiful, but nothing really was there


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