I Got Law (Demo)

'I Got Law (Demo)' is a demo of the Gorillaz track Tomorrow Comes Today. Only a reference to 'tomorrow' was retained in the final version lyrics-wise, but many musical ideas that would go on to feature in the final track are present here. There is uncertainty as to whether this is a Gorillaz track officially as it was released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the Blur album 13, released 13th March 1999.

Official song credits

Written and produced by Damon Albarn.

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'I Got Law' [2:44] - released as the 14th (bonus) track on Blur's album 13 in Japan.


Not yet performed live, but the final track Tomorrow Comes Today was performed on all the Phase One live dates.



Feeling daft beyond gone bland
Made it to the goal on lense
President, he just got hair down below
Tomorrow never more...
Made it to the BCP
Everybody knows it's me
I got up another sand,
The guilty cell
Tomorrow never more...

I Got The Law (x23)

Feeling Dove beyond con-pen
Nobody can take it there
Feel it now and do yourself until you're gone
Tomorrow never more...
Tomorrow never more..


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