Latin Simone

This track is virtually identical to the track Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo), except that track features lead vocals from Ibrahim Ferrer whereas this one features lead vocals from Damon Albarn. It is likely Damon recorded this vocal track himself before having the chance to collaborate with Ibrahim Ferrer. Ibrahim Ferrer is one of the stars of the Cuban music scene. shooting to fame on the Buena Vista Social Club album. For this version Damon takes the lead vocal. The song itself definitely has a strong latin feel that is carried off in a suitably authentic manner. In the picture booklet that came with the digipack version of the Gorillaz album in the UK, the lyric 'Give up if you want to survive' was featured on Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) 's page, despite the fact that this lyric comes from Latin Simone. This track also features uncredited backing vocals from Miho Hatori, as revealed in the studio on the old Gorillaz site.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Dan The Automator and Gorillaz
Co-produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Engineered by Tom Girling and Jason Cox.
Pro-Tools by Tom Girling
Engineers: Tom Girlig and Jason Cox

Versions & availibility(Click links for exact discographical details)

Latin Simone [3:37] - available on the Tomorrow Comes Today EP, the US and Brazilian versions of G-Sides and the OST to the film Vivir Mata
Latin Simone [3:08] - mixed in the mix album Wanna Buy A Monkey?


Gorillaz have never performed this track live, although they performed the closely related track Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) live at least once, at La Cigale, Paris, on the Phase One tour.


Give up
If you wanna survive
Get oh so alive
In your life
Everything falling out the sky on top of you
Now what you do?

Fill yourself up now
It's the love of your life
Shallowly on me
All I know
Before it's gone
I always feel it's getting you down
when nothing's wrong

What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?

Give up
If you wanna survive
Pick the sound back up
You got to get on the song lowly
What's the point
It's funny 'til you left to kill yourself
In this town

So what's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?

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