This track is a dub reworking of the track 5/4 by the Space Monkeyz. Features an exuberant horn arrangement quite different to any melody found in the original track. In the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, the P45 is the form that a person is handed when leaving a job. The P45 details income for social security purposes. (The two countries' respective P45s are actually different; it's just that the UK and Ireland have very similar administrative processes here.) Use of the term "P45" depends on context. e.g. to be given your P45 -- to get fired (possibly unceremoniously)to ask for your P45 -- to quit your job (possibly unceremoniously and/or defiantly)to be in possession of your P45 -- to be jobless (The P45 is handed to the employer when starting at the next job.). Maybe the Spacenokeyz are indulging in a bit of wry self-deprecating humour with this title.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Dan The Automator and Gorillaz
Co-produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Engineered by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by Tom Girling
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Additional programming and instruments performed by the Space Monkeyz
Horns: Michael Smith, Dennis Rollins, Domminic Glover
Horn arrangement by Michael Smith
Percussion: Jeff Scantlebury
Additional production and remixing by the SpaceMonkeyz, assisted by Pete Collis

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P45 [4:26] - available on all versions of the album Laika Come Home


5/4 was played live but this rework of it was never played live.


(Beat no sound, beat no sound, beat no sound...)

Magic for me
It good for me underground
Really got me down
It make my heart
Beat no sound, beat no sound, beat no sound...

Magic get me through

We pledge it money
People seem to walk through you
Magic's funny
All good for me
Walk through you, walk through you, walk through you...

(Beat no sound, beat no sound, beat no sound...)

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