Gorilla Bite Music

The Gorilla Bites (short animated clips of the Gorillaz) feature background music which also sounds like Gorillaz music (it is possible that Zombie Flesh Eaters may have got external musicians to contribute this musical content but this is not credited and also is unlikely given the close association of Gorillaz to the project). This background music of course has the Gorilla Bite dialogue over the top and so is hard to enjoy on its own merits. All of the music appears to come from the same track,aside from the incidental tibetan chanting on the 'Free Tibet' Gorilla Bite and the incidental 'oriental sounding' music at the beginning of the 'Game Of Death' Gorilla Bite (which may be another Gorillaz composition), although the background music in The Eel Gorilla bite sounds slightly remixed, although certainly the same track. The prominent track is denoted 'Gorilla Bite Music' below.

Official song credits

Credits unknown. Probably written and performed by Gorillaz, produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox and Gorillaz

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The Gorilla Bites are featured on the Celebrity Take Down DVD. The music appears as background music to these


Never performed live.


[This song is an instrumental]

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