Snakes And Ladders

'Snakes And Ladders' is an unreleased Gorillaz song. Footage from a recording session for the song can be seen in the Extras on the DVD of the Gorillaz documentary movie Bananaz. The song features Roots Manuva, and was the original track Damon offered to Roots with a view to him making a contribution to Demon Days. However, Roots preferred the beats to another track which Damon had been recording in Africa for a project which would eventually become The Good, The Bad & The Queen (this track eventually became 'All Alone') and Snakes And Ladders remained unreleased. Elements of the track were later used on the Martina Topley-Bird song 'Soldier Boy.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Production credits unknown

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Not released or available in any form, except clips on the Bananaz DVD Extras. However, elements of the track appear in the song Soldier Boy.


Not yet performed live.



Snakes and ladders snakes and ladders
Snakes and ladders snakes and ladders
Up above the Harrow Road
Where good people never go

Roll the die looking me your lady's touch
In a clutch with the one called Lady Luck
If ever she be vexed with me
A life you kinda stopped wretchedly
Ain't nuthin bigger than the lesson of life itself
Arse cracks don't right themselves
Fast food fast death who's to blame
Who put the chemicals in the food chain
Take a whiff of my mustant breath
Ten pound of squeeze on my silicone breath
Pipe dream cast [??] a gene
Rock n Roll kick a hole in the tv screen
Celebrate with the plastic Gods
Can you leave me dry?
Can you leave me dry?


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