Strictly Rubbadub (Version)

This track is a dub reworking of the track Slow Country, by the Space Monkeyz for the album Laika Come Home'.Slow Country lends itself excellently to the reggae treatment and the reworking sounds as natural as the original. U Brown provides additonal skanking over the top, about nothing in particular - but it sounds good and suitably authentic. This version is a remix of the original Strictly Rubbadub, and is not drastically different.

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz
Performed by Gorillaz
Produced by Dan The Automator and Gorillaz
Co-produced by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Engineered by Tom Girling and Jason Cox
Pro-Tools by Tom Girling
Assistant engineer: Toby Whelan
Additional programming and instruments performed by the Space Monkeyz plus:-
Additional vocals by U Brown
Horns: Michael Smith, Dennis Rollins, Domminic Glover
Horn arrangement by Michael Smith
Bass: Phil Soul
Percussion: Jeff Scantlebury
Piano: 2D
Stylophone: 2D
Additional production and remixing by the SpaceMonkeyz, assisted by Pete Collis

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Strictly Rubbadub (Version) [5:06] - available on all the vinyl and limited edition CD versions of the album Laika Come Home


Slow Country was played live but this rework of it was never played live.


[U Brown]
Way down south where the children used to play
Dance and run around all day
And this is U Brown, your original DJ live from the {Red} from Kingston, Ja-hey
Come on, say, "Keep on rockin', come on"
More music where we want
[...] Keep on rockin' come on
[...] say, "Keep on rockin', come on"
{Gin, tonic, funk and thongs}
[...] say, "Keep on rockin', come on"
But I [...] you more music with the people where they want
I say, "Keep on rockin', come on"
And I [...] more music with the people where they want

It's with the northern sound...ya hear a [...]
Baby, [...] you don't be crazy
[...] well don't be lazy
[...] and I said, "You've got to get ready"
You know why he's baby girl
[...] we say, "[...]"
More music than the people in the world
I want the music where they want
Yeah, that's what I got to see when [...]
Played from the [...] drum
[...] start to rustle [...] I say, "[...]"
Please don't... [...]
Well they say, "[...]"
They say, "More music with the people where they want"
They say, "[...]"
Live and direct you gonna [...]
More reggae music for the ones
So keep on comin' [...]
Hey, someone say, "[...]"
I want the music where they want
This is you rolling up the charts
Hey, this rocket is with northern sound
[...] jump and shout [...] you know
Somebody say [...]
Play the rhythm of the [...]
[...] what I say
Hey, someone said all what I say
Baby, say, "[...]"
I want the music where they want
And they said, "keep on [...]"
Strictly rubbadub with all the world
Play from the top [...]
Forward over drunk baby don't you look back
Kick it over top and you'll be [...] lollipop
Say, "This is U Brown with the microphone on top"
Say, "[...]"

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