Uno Quatro

When Gorillaz returned for Phase 2, they announced on 1st December their'Search For A Star' competition. Fans were invited to submit their artistic creations of any kind to the Gorillaz site. The prize for the winner was to collaborate with Gorillaz in some way. Video entries dominated the competition in voting, but after a video ultimately won, it was announced that there would be further competitions in separate 'image' and 'music' categories. Asidus won the audio category with his song 'Indian Dance'. Gorillaz sent him some parts of the Dirty Harry song (not much of, according to Asidus himself) and asked him to remix the track. The song was featured on the Gorillaz website as streaming audio, the link was only publicised by a mention in an insert card in the DVD format of the single Kids With Guns / El Manana. On the Gorillaz site and in the notes, Asidus is referred to by his real name 'Danny Gonzalez'. The remix attracted criticism from some fans for using loops from the computer music program Garage Band.'Un

Official song credits

Written by Gorillaz and Bootie Brown
Performed by Gorillaz, rap by Bootie Brown, additional vocals by the San Fernandez Youth Chorus
Produced by Gorillaz, Dangermouse
Additional production by Jason Cox & James Dring
Mixed by Cox / Gorillaz / Danger Mouse at Pierce Rooms London
Engineered by Jason Cox
Programming by Danger Mouse / James Dring
Violins: Sally Jackson and Prabjote Osahn
Violas: Amanda Drummond and Stella Page
Cello: Isabelle Dunn
Double Bass: Al Mobbs and Emma Smith
Remix by Asidus

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Uno Quatro[3:06] - only ever officially available as streaming audio from the Gorillaz official website.


This remix not performed live.



In my backpack
I got my act right
In case you act quite difficult
And your result
With anger and discontent
Some are seekin
In search of
Like Nimoy
I'm a peace-loving decoy
Ready for retaliation
I change your whole location to a pine box six-under
Impulsive don't ask why or wonder
Orders given to me is
strike and I'm thunder with lightning fast reflexes on constant alert
from the constant hurt that seems limitless with no drop in pressure
Seems like everybody's out to test ya
'til they see you break
You can't conceal the hate
That consumes you
I'm the reason why you fill up your Isuzu
Chill with your old lady at the tilt
I got a 90 days extension
And I'm filled with guilt
From things that I've seen
Your water's from a bottle
mine's from a canteen
At night I hear the shots ring
So I'm a light sleeper
The cost of life seems to get cheaper
out in the desert
with a street sweeper
The war is over
So said the speaker with the flight suit on
Maybe to him I'm just a pawn
So he can advance
I remember when I used to dance
Man, all I want to do is dance



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