The songs list is composed of Gorillaz songs that are (i) official Gorillaz songs, and (ii) that have been released either on promos or commercially. Due to the fact that Gorillaz have no real existence in the same way as you or I, it might be thought that it is confusing as to whether a certain track is by Gorillaz, or Damon Albarn, or Blur, etc. The principle I work by is this: if a song is credited to Gorillaz, or a member of Gorillaz, in the official credits for that song, then that song features Gorillaz or a member of Gorillaz. This might seem slightly arbitrary but we have to draw the line somewhere in any case, and I am drawing it here. I simply prefer my definition because, given the fluid nature of Albarn's songwriting / recording process, any number of songs might be carried around from project to project and recorded in different situations etc (TCT being one example that I have already commented on, and 'Ambulance' would be another, it has been rumoured 'was originally intended to be a Gorillaz track' - should we say this is a Gorillaz track not a Blur one?). In short the only workable definition is the 'credited to Gorillaz' one.

Here follows a selection of songs that many fans have thought were Gorillaz songs but were actually discovered to not be Gorillaz songs at all, and also songs which are Gorillaz songs but have not been released.. Much of the confusion has resulted from mislabelling on filesharing networks

Song name: A Rappy Song
Why it isn't a Gorillaz song: 'A Rappy Song' was a song from Damon Albarn's 2003 album 'Democrazy' (that album was actually just a collection of demoes). Fans have been tricked into thinking this is a Gorillaz song because a remixed version (made by a fan), with an added rap, was circulated on file sharing networks shortly before the release of the Gorillaz album 'Demon Days', entitled 'O Green World'.

Song name: Battlesong
Why it isn't a Gorillaz song: This is just another track from Deltron 3030 (like Time Keeps On Slipping, see below) and not a Gorillaz song at all. Quite why this one is repeatedly held up as a Gorillaz song is not quite clear (it doesn't feature Damon like Time Keeps On Slipping Does); the explanation probably lies in a mislabelling on a file sharing network some time way back in the distant past.

Song name: Gor Beaten
Why it doesn't appear on the list: Gor Beaten is almost certainly a Gorillaz track. Samples from it appear on the bandmember's computers on the old Kong Studios site. There have been many fake Gor Beaten mixes out there made by fans for fun. Don't be fooled. This track eventually found a release as 'Bar Beaten' on the soundtrack to the film '101 Reykjavik', which features music by Damon Albarn. The samples from 'Gor Beaten' that were available in the old version of the Gorillaz website, reveal that Bar Beaten is the same tracks as Gor Beaten, or a very slightly remixed version.

Song name: Hand Clapper
Why it doesn't appear on the list: Hand Clapper falls into the same category as Gor Beaten; samples from it appear in bandmember's computers on the old Kong Studios site, but it has never been released.

Song name: Suicide - Kosheen vs Gorillaz - DJ Sandstorm
Why it isn't a Gorillaz song: This release is a bootleg mash-up of a Kosheen track (more info on Kosheen at http://www.kosheen.net) and a Gorillaz track. However it was not officially released and was not officially sanctined by Gorillaz (Anyone could make up their own remix of a Gorillaz tune, the discography and songs list only cover official releases).

Song name: The Feds Ooh Noo
Why it isn't a Gorillaz song: old time fans may remember this turning up on Audiogalaxy, etc, as a Gorillaz track. Yet it isn't actually a Gorillaz song, it was by another band who referred to gorillas in their song, called Ghetto Gorillaz.

Song name: Time Keeps On Slipping
Why it isn't a Gorillaz song: This is a track off the Deltron 3030 LP. Deltron 3030 is a Dan The Automator on production and beats, and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien supplies the raps. This particular track also features Damon Albarn. However it is a Deltron 3030 track because it was released on the Deltron 3030 album. The album credit for this track is also to 'Damon Albarn' not 2D, so this is not a 2D solo piece either.

Song name: Tomorrow Dub
Why it doesn't appear on the list: In fact it does, just not under the name 'Tomorrow Dub'. The track that bears the name 'Tomorrow Dub' on the Tomorrow Comes Today single is labelled 'Baņana Baby' on all releases of Laika Come Home. I have used the name 'Baņana Baby' to label this song in the list as it is the more widespread name for the song.

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