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These tracks were recorded on 22/05/05 and 23/05/05 - Sarm Studios, London. This session, recorded over two days, was used in many countries: most prominently for the 'Demon Detour' (radio 'virtual tour' of the US) in Summer 2005, and slightly later for a Mexican radio virtual tour. Some tracks were also broadcast by Radio1 in the UK, and some on French radio. Tracks recorded: 5/4, All Alone, Clint Eastwood (2 versions - one featuring Jamal Grey, the other featuring Del La Soul and Bootie Brown), DARE, Dirty Harry, Dracula, El Manana, Feel Good Inc, Kids With Guns, Last Living Souls, Punk, Re-Hash, Slow Country, Starshine, Sound Check (Gravity), Tomorrow Comes Today.

Download tracks performed, thanks to mak3mebad and Edward Scott:

Instructions: click on the link to open a new window. Then wait until the counter in the new window counts to zero, then click 'download file'. You may have to close the thing that scrolls down to cover the counter near the end of the count (click the 'X' to close it), to uncover the download link.

Unofficial cover for your own live CD! Thanks to 87th.
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